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Mold Inspection Asheville NC

mold inspection asheville ncI have been asked to provide information on mold inspection Asheville NC and will begin with a recent news article about our record rainfall.  Water is, after all, the strongest ally that mold has.


From The Asheville Citizen Times August 18, 2013…

A recent national study by National Climatic Data Center on precipitation anomalies shows Asheville’s 2013 rainfall total represents the largest departure from normal out of 180 cities reviewed.

The study focused on rainfall totals from January-July of this year (2013) at medium to large metro areas with longterm weather observation stations, with emphasis on the difference in 2013 amounts from historical averages.

“We’ve had the largest departure from average,” said Jake Crouch, a climate scientist with NCDC, which is an Asheville-based branch of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. “It’s unprecedented for us to have this much precipitation at this point in the year.”

Through the end of July, Asheville recorded 51.81 inches of rain, which was a whopping 24.60 inches above normal.

Asheville’s rainfall total now is more than 57 inches — closing in on the yearly record of 64.91 inches set in 1973, Crouch said. It’s not really a matter of whether the record will be broken, but when.

“They ask if this excessive rain is normal,” she said. “I say it’s absolutely an aberration. I’ve been apologizing to tourists lately. I sing the praises of Asheville, but I say bring a raincoat and bring an umbrella and have a good day.”                                      From The Asheville Citizen Times August 18, 2013

If you search mold inspection Asheville NC you will find several companies that can assit you.  While I do not recommend any particular business (so as to remain object and impartial), I can offer some guidelines as mentioned by the EPA and other experts in the field.  I hope this helps.


With the frequency of natural disasters as of late, a lot of people worry that all that water will lead to the nightmare of mold in their homes. While not all mold is dangerous – in fact, every house has some – it is the kind and the amount that determines if it will be a problem.

But mold is hard to spot, since you often cannot see it or smell it. With lots of money on the line, who can you trust?

1)     Do Your Research

Experts say homeowners should not underestimate the importance of checking referrals, references or credentials. While some certifications reflect extensive training, others, do not.

2)     Slower Is Better

Experts warn homeowners should be wary of inspectors that reach a conclusion too quickly. Every investigation should include a thorough visual inspection looking for signs of mold and moisture, a history of your home’s problems, the health of its occupants, as well as moisture and temperature readings. An entire home could take approximately one to three hours, depending on its size.

3)     Tests Do Not Hold All the Answers

According to the EPA, “in most cases, if visible mold growth is present, sampling is unnecessary,” but testing can be a tool in detecting hidden mold. However, some government agencies say remediation should not be based on test results alone. Experts say to be wary if an inspector does nothing but test for samples and bases mold remediation on sampling alone.

4)     Don’t Think Extreme

Inspections should start with the least intrusive approaches first. Mold inspections can be like peeling an onion: If signs of mold or moisture are indicated, then an inspector may have to become more invasive and peel another layer. Mold inspection is a step-by-step process that is based on what you see.

WNC Inspections does not do mold inspection Asheville NC but can be first responder to a mold condition.  Our home inspection methods provide a first hand look at the hard to see areas of a home and can alert you if a fungi growth is observed.  Home inspectors are generalists and will recommend a specialist when conditions deem it necessary. For complete information about Home Inspection via WNC Inspections please call Don at 828-243-8649.

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