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Home Inspection Services We Offer

When we perform a home inspection for you or for your client, you can rest assured that we will be vigilant in giving you the most complete picture of your new or existing home. Our inspections exceed the standards set by every major Home Inspection Organization in the US.


Once you have a contract on the home you have found, we'll go over it thoroughly to find any issues that should be addressed by the seller during your due diligence period.


We'll show you what needs to be fixed on your home before you put it on the market, so you can take care of it before a potential buyer is involved.


Before you close, we identify any problems that your contractor may have overlooked, and inspect the home again as it nears the end of its 1-year warranty.


We use specialized equipment to measure the levels of this life-threatening gas in the home so that, if necessary, steps may be taken to mitigate it.


Federal agencies recommend having wells tested every year for contaminants. We test for pesticides, bacteria, lead, total nitrate/nitrite, pH, and more.


In collaboration with an engineering firm, we'll determine whether a manufactured home's foundation meets federal requirements and loan qualification.

How It Works

Working with WNC Inspections for Home Inspection or any of our inspection services is a simple 3-step process.


Fill out our quick quote form on our website here, and we will respond to you as quickly as possible.



We will contact you with scheduling options and can book a time that works for us to meet on-site at your inspection site.



We will work on a complete report based on our findings during the on-site inspection visit and provide you with a copy.


Licensed & Insured

The company was founded in 2004 by Don Miller, who is licensed as a general contractor and home inspector by the State of North Carolina, insured and bonded, with degrees in electrical and mechanical engineering.

Wide Coverage Area in Western North Carolina

WNC Inspections is a professional, certified home inspection company based in the mountains above Old Fort, North Carolina, serving Asheville and all areas within an hour of our home base.

Affordable, Honest, Experienced

Our training, credentials, and many years of experience assure that the home you plan to purchase or to sell will be inspected in the proper way, ultimately saving you money in the long run.

A small investment in inspection will yield a far more satisfying transaction.

Recent studies reveal that between 85% of home buyers hire an inspector – Don’t be one of the 15% who miss out!

Making a large purchase such as a home is an exciting and emotional endeavor. It involves a methodical and sometimes difficult process. A great deal of information must be covered, and then there is the need to compromise with the seller, who may also be feeling excited and emotional. Finally, you must put a large amount of your money on the line. Once you’ve narrowed your choices to one property and worked through a written offer and the counter-offers, you may well be close to the upper limit of your financial resources. Move-in day will be no time for a surprise of costly needed repairs! A home inspection can reveal problems and potential problems that may not be obvious. Aged or worn out equipment, safety hazards, and flaws in construction are typically identified during the inspection.

It is likely the your Realtor (or attorney) has protected you with a due diligence period, during which you may gather information regarding the condition of the home, including a pest inspection, a well test, a water quality test, a septic inspection, and a general home inspection. They will assist you in seeing that repairs are made or that the price of the home is adjusted to cover the repairs. Code inspectors and mortgage appraisers are not home inspectors. The time to protect yourself with a true home inspection is before you finally commit your resources to the purchase. After you receive your home inspection report, you and your team – your Realtor, lawyer, and family – may decide on the best course of action to take – negotiate, accept, or walk away. There are no perfect houses – not even new construction, and nearly all problems can be repaired. If problems are identified during a home inspection, the question is how much will it cost and who will pay. Before you purchase a home, have WNC Inspections check it out!

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

At WNC Inspections, we pride ourselves in 5-star perfect customer experiences. We will always go the extra mile to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Don Miller was thorough and thoughtful. He was clearly working for us. His knowledge was vast and helped us view the home objectively. His personal interest led him to spend extra time learning about the unique aspects of the home. His report was well organized and guided us in our requests for repairs. He answered all our questions and more. We felt that we received great value from WNC Inspections. We would highly recommend him to anyone in need of home inspection and radon testing.

Marshall Fields

Asheville, North Carolina

Don was extremely helpful in determining the cause of moisture in my walls. He is knowledgeable, professional, and ethical. I will definitely call him the next time
I need a home inspector!

Elizabeth Wilde

Old Fort, North Carolina

We had a real issue with water accumulating under our house in the crawl space (the result of an underground spring). Don was kind enough to inspect the problem and review a quote for a corrective action recommendation from a remediation company that I had never used before. It was great to have the expertise of someone with knowledge and experience guide us through the remediation process. Thank you, Don! You helped us to make sense of the options available and eased our minds knowing that we made a sound, educated decision. No buyers remorse on our end! Thanks again.

Nancy Plante

Morganton, North Carolina

About WNC Inspections

WNC Inspections is a professional, certified home inspection company based in the mountains above Old Fort, North Carolina, serving Asheville and all areas within an hour of our home base. Our training, credentials, and many years of experience assure that the home you plan to purchase or to sell will be inspected in the proper way. If you are new to purchasing or selling a home, we will help you with the process. We particularly enjoy taking time to share information regarding a home’s systems, including its heat pump, water well, electrical, ventilation, and plumbing. Whether buyer or seller, we encourage you to be present for the inspection if you wish, in order to gain a better understanding of the home. We’ll send you the completed report, illustrated with photos of trouble spots, within a few hours. The company was founded in 2004 by Don Miller, who is licensed as a general contractor and home inspector by the State of North Carolina, insured and bonded, with degrees in electrical and mechanical engineering. Since 2004, Don has inspected thousands of residential and commercial properties throughout Western North Carolina, and continues to enjoy the work.

Don has completed specialized coursework in:

Risk Assessment
Wood Deck Structures
Electrical Hazards and Failures
Exterior Failures and Defects
Foundation Drainage and Grading
Fiber Cement Siding Failure
Bio Deterioration of Wood; Moisture, Fungi, and Insects
Residential Roof Structures
Accuracy in Residential Electrical Systems
Report Writing
Code of Ethics
New Construction Inspection
Basement Inspection
Wood Fastening Systems
Foundation Failures
Anatomy of a House

The company is affiliated with a structural engineering firm to provide foundation inspections required by FHA and Farm Home loans. When Don is not busy inspecting houses, he enjoys playing pickleball, hiking and gardening with partner Jane, working out at the Y, and running about in his old Del Sol. Don has a keen interest in fitness, and recently became a certified NETA personal trainer.

Before Your Home Inspection

Take these actions for a more efficient home inspection and a cleaner inspection report!

1. Confirm with your real estate agent that the utilities are on and pilot lights are burning.
2. Tell us about any areas of concern regarding the home.
3. Make certain to give your contact information accurately during the ordering process. Receiving your report via our web site is easy if the email address for you is correct.
4. Read the Inspection Agreement carefully. Misconceptions about what the inspector will and won’t do can often be clarified by simply reading this agreement. We are required by law to have a signed agreement BEFORE the inspection. You will receive inspection agreement that can be accepted electronically via email. If you do not have email access, we’ll get a paper copy to you. We must have this signed before the inspection begins.
5. Allow yourself a little time to look at the website As a home buyer, and inspection client, you will be better informed. This will enhance your overall satisfaction with the inspection process.
6. If you have helpful pointers on how to find the home, please let us know.
7. You are welcome to be present during the inspection. However, please be aware that it takes a great deal of focus and concentration to professionally inspect a home.
8. Let us know who should receive a copy of the report. If you wish to negotiate with the seller for repairs, your agent, the seller’s agent, and perhaps even the seller, will want to see your documented findings. If you request it, we’ll send them a copy of the report right away. Should you choose to not let anyone see the report but you, that’s fine, too.

Asheville, NC


WNC Inspections covers many regions throughout Western North Carolina with all of our home inspection services.

Buncombe County, North Carolina

WNC Inspections is proud to offer professional home inspection services in Buncombe County, NC.

Buncombe County, North Carolina

Photo By Billy Hathorn – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Buncombe County is a county located in the U.S. state of North Carolina. The 2010 census said the population was 238,318. Its county seat is Asheville.

Buncombe County is part of the Asheville, NC Metropolitan Statistical Area.

We provide home inspector services in all of  Buncombe County including:

Asheville NC Home Inspections

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