WNC Inspections

Asheville Home Inspectors

As one of the Asheville home inspectors I bring my training, education, and experience (coupled with common sense) to bring you, my client, a clear understanding of your conditional real estate purchase.  My company, WNC Inspections, is licensed, bonded, and insured to provide you professional home inspection Asheville NC.

It is important to know that as an Asheville home inspector I am a generalist, not a specialist.  It is possible that I may refer you to a specialist when I observe situations that warrent such actions.

Pre Inspection please take these actions and your home inspection will go faster and result in a cleaner report!

Take these actions and your home inspection will go faster and will result in a cleaner inspection report!

Note: Home inspection Asheville NC is my business – my only business.  I do not make repairs nor do I refer you to anyone that I have any relationship with.

Asheville home inspectors face some special challenges not faced in the Piedmont or Sandhill areas.  We must be knowledgable on, among other things; well, spring, and cistrern water systems, steep slope construction, hazards and dangers of our area (venomous reptiles and arachnoids), radon, and mold.

I look forward to putting my resouces to your service.

I am proud to serve as one of Asheville home inspectors and I welcome your inquiry and business. Please call me, Don Miller, at 828-243-8649.