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Asheville Home Inspectors

asheville home inspectorsAs one of the Asheville home inspectors I bring my training, education, and experience (coupled with common sense) to bring you, my client, a clear understanding of your conditional real estate purchase.  My company, WNC Inspections, is licensed, bonded, and insured to provide you professional home inspection Asheville NC.

It is important to know that as an Asheville home inspector I am a generalist, not a specialist.  It is possible that I may refer you to a specialist when I observe situations that warrent such actions.

Pre Inspection please take these actions and your home inspection will go faster and result in a cleaner report!

  • Confirm with your real estate agent that the utilities are on and pilot lights are burning.

  • Tell me about any areas of concern or things that you may be “worried” about.

  • Make certain to give accurate information during the ordering process. Receiving your report on our web site is easy unless the supplied email address for you is incorrect.

  • Read the Inspection Agreement carefully. Misconceptions about what the inspector will, and won’t do can often be taken care of by just reading this agreement.  By law we have to have a signed agreement BEFORE the inspection.  I will send you an inspection agreement that can be accepted electronically via email.  If you do not have email, I will get a paper copy to you.  Just be certain to help us stay with the letter of the law. We must have this before the inspection can begin.

  • Allow yourself a little time to look at web site. As a home Buyer, and inspection Client, you will be better informed, more knowledgeable and this tends to enhance your overall satisfaction with the inspection process

  • If you have special directions or comments on how to find the home, please  tell  me.

  • You are welcome to be present during the inspection, however, please be aware that it takes a great deal of focus and concentration to professionally inspect a home.

  • Know ahead of time who should receive a copy of the report. If you want any assistance from the seller on repairs, inevitably your agent, the sellers’ agent, and even the seller will want to see your documented findings. If you inform me of whom should receive the report, I can do that in a few seconds. This saves A LOT of faxes, paper, phone calls and wasted time for everyone. But, if you choose to not let anyone see the report but you, that’s OK too! I will ask your preference.

Take these actions and your home inspection will go faster and will result in a cleaner inspection report!

Note: Home inspection Asheville NC is my business – my only business.  I do not make repairs nor do I refer you to anyone that I have any relationship with.

Asheville home inspectors face some special challenges not faced in the Piedmont or Sandhill areas.  We must be knowledgable on, among other things; well, spring, and cistrern water systems, steep slope construction, hazards and dangers of our area (venomous reptiles and arachnoids), radon, and mold.

I look forward to putting my resouces to your service.

I am proud to serve as one of Asheville home inspectors and I welcome your inquiry and business. Please call me, Don Miller, at 828-243-8649.


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