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Inspector Don Miller

The story of my first home purchase is a lesson for all.

I bought my first house in 1974 at the age of 24.  It was an early 1900’s 2 story of modest materials and I was not a home inspector.  Nor did I have it inspected professionally.  I relied upon a relative who had only a passing acquaintance with knowledge in this area.  As I walked through this house that I just had fallen in love with, I saw problems.  To each problem I saw a solution, and dismissed the problem as being an obstacle to the dream.  There were many such problems and just as many “I can fix that” solutions.

Once I moved into the house, the breadth of these problems hit me.  There were so many!  I was overwhelmed.

The root of this situation is also the essence of this lesson.   I was blinded by my emotional involvement. 

Whatever speaks to you, whatever draws you to in this house you are considering purchasing; be it the porch, the garage, the view, the layout, the kitchen, the neighborhood, the school district, or the workshop, why not have the fresh eyes of an objective professional with no emotional interest?  The money spent as a percentage of the purchase price is minimal.

Most real estate agents and mortgage lenders know the importance of (and recommend) a home inspection.  Making the inspection a contingency of the purchase contract is seen as a wise action. Contract contingencies, regarding the severity of the problems discovered, can provide you with knowledge to proceed with confidence.  Your agent can assist you in this regard.  See you soon.  Don Miller 828-243-8649


My name is Don Miller. The first of my 3 engineering degrees was conferred in 1971 (Penn State, mechanical) and I have been involved in the field since 1975. My BS is in Electronic Technology. I am a licensed NC Home Inspector (#2620), bonded, and insured. I am also a NC licensed General Contractor (inactive).

I use HomeGauge Inspection software which facilitates a thorough and professional inspection report. It is the industry’s best. Your report will have descriptions and photographs of functional and safety problems and will be available to you (and anyone one else you chose) for 5 years. I provide full service (radon, pest, mold, and water testing) inspections and look forward to earning your trust as your inspector.

I do not make repairs, nor do I make referrals to contractors. I provide an objective, emotional free service. My reports are easy to understand and I am available for free consultation afterward to ensure your complete satisfaction.

A little background…when I was a young man I read an magazine article that got me to thinking.  It was about “Why do you live where you live.”  It also raised the question, “If you could live anywhere, where would that be?”   Well, I lived in Fairview (Erie) Pennsylvannia because that where my parents lived and they lived there because their parents lived there.  Then my wife and I realized that I didn’t have to live there and starting reading about other places.  Two states became the focus of our attention and we made a conscious decision to move to North Carolina.  So, we packed up the children and when the car broke down in the Piedmont, we stayed put.  But now I live in Western North Carolina and am even way more happy.  The children are gone, and so is the wife; but my love of North Carolina remains.

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