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after buying a house After the inspection…

R or R (repair or replace) items will appear in the first section of the report.  READ THE WHOLE REPORT. R or R items are often negotiated between the buyer and seller during a home purchase after the inspection report is made available.  You may wish to share it with your realtor, the other parties’ realtor {and therefore the other party} or not.  The inspector is not involved in this negotiating  part of the process but is available for further elaboration if needed.  Remember, all problems can be corrected, its a matter of how much will they cost and who will pay for them?

Every house needs repairs. There is no perfect house. If a house were perfect, everything would break or fall apart at the same time. But as it is, the envelope of a home: its roof, floors, walls, windows, structural support members, all have different life spans. Although, today, many appliances seem to stop working as soon as the warranties expire. But if you’re looking for a perfect house, you can stop home searching now. It doesn’t exist.

It doesn’t really matter whether the home is newer or older, a home inspection is still likely to turn up a list of repairs. An older home, of course, will likely generate a longer laundry list of repair items. The objectives are to figure out which repairs are serious or safety issues and to determine whether a seller will honor a buyer’s request for repairs.

At WNC Inspections your report will remain available on line for 5 years

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